Hello My Loves!  I'm Dejah the creator and owner of TheGlowUpCosmetics . I also specialize in Make-up Artistry , Photography , and more . I'm truly a "girly girl" at heart and I wanted to share my amazing cosmetics and experiences with others. I decided to sell cosmetics because I love being apart of building up ones self-esteem and confidence . Its just something about a person when they're feeling themselves , from the way they walk , the way they express themselves , and the way they become more Alive with added Confidence . My primary goal is to ensure that my Client's receive quality products at reasonable prices !!! I'm very passionate about my work of art and I have faith that every Client will enjoy their glow up beauty experience , sparkling throughout the day and glowing at night !

*Disclaimer , this product contain all naturall ingredients . Do not use if u have a peppermint allergy 

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Dare to be Different , Confident , & Beautiful

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